August 10, 2014

It's World Lion Day today!


So it seems an appropriate time to release Part 2 of my film 'Lions: Saving A Species'. 

You can watch both Parts 1 & 2 on our Community Video Page

The film was shot over two trips to Kenya - the first one one hugely positive, the second l...

July 3, 2014

What a hectic couple of months it’s been – tying up the spring run of Living World, running a brilliant week-long Wildlife Video Pioneers workshop up in the Scottish highlands, and producing, directing and shooting a new short film on red kites.


View the film On Red Ki...

April 16, 2014

It never stops surprising me how people have such varied experiences and reactions while looking at the same picture.


This one I took yesterday made me feel that even in the most beautiful crowd it's possible to shine simply by being yourself.


However a friend commente...

January 27, 2014

This week can be summed up in a few choice F’s! 


Finland – beautiful place. 

Freezing – temperatures plummeted to -43C while we were there. And that, I can tell you, is frighteningly cold. 


Fantastic filming kit – both my Nikon D800 and my GoPro Hero3 stood up to appall...

January 10, 2014

I can't remember such a positive start to a year - what an energy boost to work with companies who are ethically minded, forward-looking and committed to resilience and sustainability!


Today sees the launch of Enlightened Media's latest corporate video project Get Resi...

November 29, 2013

My latest Living World programme on BBC Radio 4 is an audio riot of migrating birds - have a gander at 30,000 barnacle geese spectacularly flying in to winter on the Solway!


You can see a video taster here
Listen again to the full radio programme here


November 20, 2013

Being greeted by timber wolves is an experience of mixed feelings. The raw force as they knock me flat is shocking. Two sets of jaws gaping to fasten round my head is absolutely horrifying. Then as I realise they don’t actually want to rip my head off there is a tide o...

September 13, 2013

Just to bring home how important lion conservation is, Niels Mogenson of the Mara Naboisho Lion Project presented his research and results. 


The message is clear - if we don't act now to cut down the conflicts between people and lions there can only be one outcome - li...

February 11, 2013

“The North Sea is a fickle beast. One day alluring as a polished gem, the next wracked with such storm-fuelled fury that it’s hard to believe any life could survive its turmoil and steely chill.  But looks can be deceptive, and beneath this turbulent surface lies a ree...

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