The Familiar Re-Imagined


A Celebration of Native British Wildlife



New 2021workshops in SW England


Max 6 photographers 

Specialist photography tuition from Trai Anfield

*This workshop will be conducted with social distancing measures in place if necessary at time of departure: numbers have been limited to allow for this.

This specialist wildlife photographic experience takes place in the heart of the British countryside, focussing on, and celebrating, a range of our most rare, iconic, charismatic and photographically rewarding native species. 

Fitness level required:  Easy - shorts walks to the various photography sites on mostly flat though sometimes slightly uneven and wet ground.  ​

Tour leader:  Trai Anfield - award winning wildlife photographer, film maker, tutor, travel writer and broadcaster

3 day midweek workshop: 1, 2 & 3 June 2021

2 day weekend workshop:   5 & 6 June 2021

Your British Wildlife Highlights

  • Rich diversity of British wildlife 

  • Larger mammals including Otter, Scottish Wildcat, Badger, Fox, Beaver, Wild Boar, Sika Deer

  • Smaller mammals including Water Vole, Pine Marten, Stoat, Polecat, Hedgehog, Water Shrew, Dormouse, Bank Vole, Field Vole ​

  • British native birds including white stork, Eurasian crane, long eared owl, barn owl, little owl

  • Natural settings including those used by the BBC Natural History film unit

  • Scheduled to ensure best photographic conditions for wildlife 

  • Beginner friendly plus great for intermediate/experienced photographers seeking closer access and new species

  • 1-2-1 technical tuition and creative inspiration with your tutor Trai Anfield

  • Close to home for UK & European clients: support local economy, conservation and climate

  • Covid19 social distancing and financial protection measures in place

  • Small group size - max 6 guests

British wildlife is every bit as varied and exciting as that of any country in the world, though it is often more elusive and difficult to access.  So these extended 2 and 3-day workshops are designed to give you the rare opportunity of getting up close and personal with our most charismatic UK mammals and birds.   


Discover their beauty, quirks and distinctive behaviours while taking the time to craft some unique photographic insights. 

The knowledge and skills you gain in this workshop environment, along with the opportunity to spend so much time in the presence of these animals, will also give you the confidence and prepare you for your own photographic expeditions in the UK's wildest places.

Our Conservation, Climate & Communities Commitment In Action


Southwest England has some of the wildest remaining areas of countryside in Britain, so is a natural choice for this celebration of British wildlife.  Our base for the workshop provides large enclosures (in some cases so large it can be tricky to find the large deer and wild boar!) and natural settings in harmony with the wild surroundings. The centre is a major contributor to British conservation, helping to breed and reintroduce native species into the wild across the UK. ​

In line with our environmental commitment Trai will take no flights for this workshop, and the group will take short, leisurely strolls between photography sites, making minimal use of vehicles.

We encourage you to join Trai in further supporting the local economy by staying in family-run rural guesthouse accomodation, and dining in small restaurants which make primary use of locally sourced products. 



There is no set itinerary here, except in the general structure of the days.  The species we choose to photograph at any given time will remain flexible and respond to the preferences of participants.  Of course the British weather may also influence our choices, and it’s an added bonus that one or two of the smaller mammal species may be photographed under cover if we need we need a refuge from rain at any time!

There are many species on offer here, so we will collect preferences from all participants ahead of time and plan accordingly. We will try to ensure everyone photographs their top three choices and as many of their other choices as possible in the time available. Some species, however, may not be available at all times of the year, and some species such a stoat and polecat can only be approached individually. 

On a two day workshop please do not expect to photograph the same number of species as you would on a three day workshop: this would put the group under unnecessary pressure and detract from the quality of your experience. On average we will spend between half and one hour as a group with each species, though some tolerate less time in the open and others will remain active for longer.

Day 1: 

Early meet up and briefing – Trai will quickly run through some of the specialist settings and techniques peculiar to this type of photography, and highlight a few issues to watch out for in your photography here too.  Most tuition will take place in the field and will be individual and tailored to especially to your own level of experience and photographic goals.

Morning session - two species photography shoots

Lunch break and review of morning shots / troubleshooting session

Afternoon session – further two or three species photography shoots

Evening session - group 1 Beavers, group 2 post production



Day 2:

Early meet up 

Morning session - three species photographic shoots

Lunch break and review of morning shots / troubleshooting session

Afternoon session – further three species shoots

Evening session - group 2 Beavers shoot, group 1 post production


Optional Day 3:

Early meet up 

Morning session - three species shoots

Lunch break and review of morning shots / troubleshooting session

Afternoon session – further three species shoots

Evening session – free to return to beavers, join overall review or head back home to work on your shots!

2021 Departures and Costs

3 day midweek workshop:   1, 2 & 3 June 2021 -  £645


2 day weekend workshop:   5 & 6 June 2021 - £435  (with optional 3rd day on 7 June - £645)

INCLUDES: all species photography sessions, local expert wildlife guide and handler, expert photographic and post production tuition, tea and coffee throughout the workshop


EXCLUDES: travel to southwest England, accommodation, meals, personal insurances

We are happy to assist with recommendations for accommodation and public transport travel arrangements: more details of location, closest stations etc available on request


Please note - places are strictly limited and paying your deposit is advisable to secure your place


Please choose your preferred dates from the two workshops below and pay your deposit online to secure your place

If you prefer not to pay online please

CONTACT US for alternative payment methods


It is difficult to know when and where restrictions will be lifted, so we have the following contingencies in place for all our safaris and workshops, which we trust will bring you peace of mind when booking with us. Of course we will continue to monitor the situation around the world and will respond to changes as and when they occur.



Fairness and flexibility are always our watchwords when it comes to our client experience, and we understand the financial as well as practical uncertainties our guests face when arranging travel in the time of Covid19 and we are responding with our Covid Promise: 


Wherever possible we will ask for a smaller deposit than usual and will also defer the balance payment to as close to departure time as possible.  We will always talk with you before requesting balance payments to review the latest advice and make sure you are comfortable with all your arrangements for travel.  If not we will offer a comprehensive range of flexible alternative options.  


Our clients this year have highly praised our performance, which in terms of fairness, flexibility, transparency and responsiveness has outshone many major companies.  

"Such a shame that we are not at Zimanga....hopefully next year!! I have certainly been more than happy with the service from Alan and yourself. Absolutely brilliant." P Duncan

"We were more than happy with the way and speed that you and Allan dealt with the cancellation and are only sorry we had to go down that route. Hopefully we can arrange something in the future" J Crook

"The service from yourself and Allan has been great with both of you being very understanding in these difficult times" J Shield 



Please do not attend the workshop if you or your family are showing any symptoms of Covid 19. 


Social distancing measures may still be required for these workshops in 2021, though you can still be sure of the usual wonderfully intimate experience with the animals and birds.


Please note that your booking constitutes acceptance of the need to prioritise safety for yourself and all others associated with the workshop at all times.  This means you agree to adhere strictly to the relevant government Covid19 advice throughout, which may include pre-departure isolating and the wearing of a mask when necessary. 

We cannot accept responsibility for any subsequent infection.

- We urge participants to travel to our destination using all possible personal protection

- This workshop will be held well away from crowds in the rural southwest region of England

- Places are strictly limited to 6 guests and 1 tutor

- Please do not greet anyone by shaking hands and avoid physical contact at all times

- Only touch your own photography equipment

- Avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth

- Guests are asked to please arrive with your own masks (N95, R95, KN95 or surgical masks) and they must be    worn according to WHO safety standards.

- 1m+ distancing will be maintained
- Hand sanitiser will be available at all times 
- Trai will also wear gloves when helping with guest cameras

Other than that it will be business as usual with the incredible birds and animals, and of course the most wonderful and creative photographic opportunities!

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