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Here are some of the questions we are most frequently asked at the moment


Should I be worried about Ebola?


The ebola outbreak is confined to limited areas of west Africa, and not anywhere in the vicinity of our safari regions.  Kenya is 3000 miles from the affected countries - in fact London is marginally closer to the nearest source of ebola than Nairobi, and we certainly would not consider travelling there ourselves if there was an increased risk. The virus is only transmitted by direct contact with the blood or bodily fluids of an infected person.


There is no UK government advice against travelling to Kenya and Rwanda, and if this were to change you would be immediately informed and refunded.  In terms of travel, both Kenya and Rwanda are following stricter protocols than the UK:



Travellers from the affected regions of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea are subject to enhanced screening at the UK’s main ports of entry. 


Travellers from or through Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone are not permitted to enter Kenya, with the exception of health professionals supporting efforts to contain the outbreak and Kenyan citizens.


Travellers who have visited Guinea, Liberia or Sierra Leone in the 22 days prior to travel are banned from entering Rwanda.



Should I Be Worried About Civil Unrest?


Kenya, like many countries worldwide, has experienced some recent civil unrest, but it is confined to areas well away from the popular safari regions including the Masai Mara. The UK Foreign Office has no advice against travelling to this area. If this changes you will be immediately informed and refunded.




Why Should We Still Go To Africa?


Africa remains an incredibly rewarding place to visit

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