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Happy & Resilient New Year!

I can't remember such a positive start to a year - what an energy boost to work with companies who are ethically minded, forward-looking and committed to resilience and sustainability!

Today sees the launch of Enlightened Media's latest corporate video project Get Resilient. The film is our first commission from ClimateNE and promotes their new accredited training programme in Business Resilience.

Their question:

Can your company continue operating seamlessly through unpredictable changes in legislation, climate, supply chains, staffing and severe weather... and can you actually turn those things to your advantage, develop new products and opportunities as a result, and increase profits?

Not yet? Then this is the training you need, it only takes a day, and it's nationally accredited!

Companies that have already completed the training include global textile manufacturer Camira Fabrics, the huge retail outlet, leisure complex and sailing hub of Brighton Marina, and the new Sunderland-based Cisco remote network optimisation specialists Rymote.

The benefits they have seen include increasing customer confidence, securing new contracts, developing new opportunities, growing their businesses and increasing profits.

As someone who views sustainability as integral to my own business success, it was very interesting to learn of the differences between sustainability, business continuity and practical resilience. It was also hugely inspiring to see other companies gaining tangible benefits as a result of their commitment to all three.

I shall be signing myself up for the training day at the first opportunity ...see you there?

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