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Our Summer Newsletter: Welcome To A World of Inspirational Adventures!

In this edition:

  • New Horizons: 5 brand new wildlife photography adventures:

  • Borneo

  • Madagascar

  • Kenya with the Mara Predator Conservation Programme

  • Patagonia

  • the UK

  • No Limits: UK Accessible Safaris - you can still safari with limited mobility

  • Tailor-made Photography Safaris: do our safaris your way!

  • Stepping Up for the Planet: offsetting emissions for carbon neutral safaris

So it's an exciting time all round - I hope you'll be inspired to join me on some wild and creative adventures in photography in 2020 and beyond! Trai xx

Madagascar 2020 wild, wacky & walkable

Madagascar - home to some of the world's most unique, fascinating and photogenic wildlife. Amongst the flamboyant species we will photograph are crazily coloured chameleons, beautiful birds and the most famous of Madagascan mammals: lemur, sifaka and indri ...and perhaps even the elusive aye aye and fossa. The whacky insects, beautiful birds and giant landscapes here are just as incredible as the mammals, and we'll take time along our journey to photograph these too. So pack all your lenses and all your senses - it'll be a wild ride!


Borneo 2020 everything you hoped it would be...and more!

Mention Borneo and you immediately think 'orangutang'....and you'd be right!... alongside proboscis monkeys and many other primates. Plus there are countless other incredible species here including pygmy elephants, sun bears, clouded leopards and a kaleidoscope of beautiful birds. Explore Borneo by riverboat, on foot & private 4x4 on this multi centre trip that gets you where you need to be to see it all!


UK Accessible Safaris reopening your horizons

If you think your safari days are over because you have limited mobility or can no longer manage long haul travel, why not try one of my new tailor made accessible UK safaris?

75 year old Jackie Strong inspired these trips when Parkinson's meant she could no longer travel to her beloved Africa - and she hasn't looked back! Read both mine and Jackie's accounts of our North of England Odyssey on the blog and find out more about UK accessible safaris.


Kenya: Mara Predator Conservation Programme Photosafari & Survey Fundraiser Special a unique and exclusive opportunity to join the bi-annual Mara predator survey and focus on photography of lion, cheetah, leopard and wild dog

As part of my Conservation & Community initiative I'm teaming up with the Mara Predator Conservation programme to offer a unique and exclusive opportunity: a predator-focussed photography safari combined with their bi-annual predator survey of lion, cheetah, leopard and wild dog.


Patagonia 2021

Pumas, Penguins & Torres Del Paine

For 2021 I'm designing a hugely exciting safari to Patagonia, where we will encounter the 'ghost cat' of Torres del Paine - the puma! We'll also spend time exploring the region's mighty glaciers and spectacular glaciated landscapes, plus drop in on king penguins, scope out condors, watch for whales and visit the remote home of the biggest herd of wild horses in Chile.Booking is not yet open but I am compiling a list of interested photographerswho will have first option on this strictly limited 6 person safari.


Also booking now for 2020 Zimanga: Ultimate South African Photography & Film Making Safari Always a sell-out and already booking fast! Absolute Alaska 2019 & 2020 Just 2 spaces left in grizzly heaven for both this year and next!


Tailor-Made Photographic Safaris

All my photography safaris are now available as tailor-made tours, so if the group departure dates don't suit you, or you'd like to change the itinerary to suit your interests, this is the option for you! Whether you're a lone traveller, a couple, or a group of photographers who wish to travel independently with a photographic guide we have the tailor made safari to suit! See the tailor-made range of photographic safaris


Stepping Up For The Planet In line with my ethical approach to safaris, from 2020 my aim is that all my itineraries will be carbon neutral. At the moment I offset my own carbon emissions, but I'm now offering all guests the chance to easily and efficiently offset the emissions associated with your tours too. It calculates your emissions for your flights and allows you to donate to one of several great projects around the world designed to mitigate the impact of our emissions, and is one of very few carbon offsetting schemes approved by the Quality Assurance Standard. More details at

And finally...

My shot 'Microclimate' won The Greatest Maasai Mara Photographer of the Year contest, March 2019 - it will be in the final ten vying for the overall title in November...fingers crossed!

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