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Individual Tuition with Trai

getting you safari ready!

Individual Tuition Options
Get Set For Safari:  an individual day of photography or film making ahead of your safari - either on location or in the UK - invaluable whether your upcoming safari is with me or you're travelling independently!
Individual Tuition Days in the UK:   photography or film making tailored to your location, interests and requirements
Online Tuition:  photography, film making, post production or creative input wherever you are

  • pre-safari days: don't miss shots on holiday - get safari ready!

  • shots not sharp? exposure off? - troubleshoot photography issues

  • bespoke 1-2-1 and 1-2-2 tuition sessions available

  • aimed at your interests and experience level

  • convenient locations: at your safari location or close to home

  • best way to learn quickly

  • new skills and techniques

  • re-ignite your creative spark

  • perfect gift for photographers

Thanks Roisin Perrett for the lovely pics on this page!

Trai Tailor Made Tutor-2720_WEB.jpg

1-2-1 tuition
makes a perfect gift!

"Even if you're travelling independently, a session with me before you go

will set you up for your safari of a lifetime!"

My individual tuition sessions are specifically tailored to your interests, level of experience and particular requirements.  

And they include all the photographic techniques and settings you'll need to cope with the tricky light conditions and speed of movement you'll encounter during your upcoming safari, so you won't miss or mess up that shot of a lifetime!


1-2-1 is a fantatstic way to learn photography or videography, whether you'd like to learn from scratch, troubleshoot any issues, learn specific new skills, or just gain a little extra creative inspiration."


Trai Anfield, Lead Tutor

Before Your Safari


Whether you're joining me on safari, or travelling independently, sometimes a little extra time tailored to your particular photographic needs, is just the thing to get your confidence flying high before you head into the wild.  


If you're just starting out in photography or videography, or have a particular issue you'd like troubleshooting, I recommend a day of 1-2-1 tuition before your group safari starts.  

This can either be an additional day in the destination you are visiting, or - if you live in the UK - a day closer to home before you leave.



What are the benefits?


Improve specific safari photography techniques including:

  • compelling portraiture

  • capturing fast action

  • birds in flight

  • low light photography

  • ensure your shots are sharp

  • creative inspiration - take your shots to the next level

Ensure you'll be ready to handle all of the tricky shooting conditions and unique opportunities you'll find on safari!

...Or After Your Safari...


Why not stay on after your group safari with me ends, to pursue a personal project?

Bespoke mentoring and photography or videography tuition will take you to the next level. 

Bookable after your group safari, with me - from a single extra day to a full extra week.

Designed specifically to your interests and level of experience.

Not booked on a group safari with Trai?  

Book a Get Set for Safari day in the UK if you're travelling abroad independently! 

What My Clients Say

1-2-1 photography Tuition: Get Set For Safari

"Dear Trai,  I wanted to say thank you so much for one of the highlights of our safari (when) you came with me and taught me how to use my Sony A6000.  What I learned in those few hours made all the difference in my photos ... Your knowledge, patience and talent was invaluable. You are impressive and wonderful and i can't thank you enough. 

Susan Stillman

Alex Walker's Serian Original, Kenya


At Your Safari Destination 

1-2-1 Tuition Rates: Get Set For Safari

£350 + expenses per day on bookings of 1-3 days

£300 + expenses per day on bookings of 4 - 6 days

£1900 + expenses per full week

1-2-2 Tuition Rates: Get Set For Safari

£550 + expenses per day on bookings of 1-3 days

£450 + expenses per day on bookings of 4 - 6 days

£2900 + expenses per full week

Availability: directly before or after group safaris

1-2-1 Tuition Vouchers Make Great Gifts!


UK 1-2-1 Tuition Days With Trai

Invaluable tuition on photography and film making close to home and available year-round

Trai safari photography tutor-1690_WEB.j

Bring your photography or film making on in leaps and bounds with dedicated tuition from Trai


The most convenient option for 1-2-1 or 1-2-2 photography and film making training if you're based in the UK

Book as a Get Set For Safari day in the UK - all the photographic techniques and settings you'll need to cope with the tricky light conditions and speed of movement you'll encounter during your upcoming safari., so you can be sure not to miss or mess up that shot of a lifetime!

A wide range of species and destinations around Britain - Trai will call on her extensive knowledge to recommend locations that best suit your interests, tuition needs and home location.

Concentrate on wildlife; specialise further e.g. birds, macro; combine with landscapes - the choice is yours!

Some examples of UK 1-2-1 day venues with Trai:

North East England - Holy Island, WWT Washington, Specialist Birds of Prey Day, Specialist Hides

Yorkshire - Bempton Cliffs, Specialist Hides

Midlands - Specialist Hides - various daytime and nocturnal species

Northwest England - Martin Mere, Chester Zoo 

Southern England - Specialist Enclosures (minimum 2 days), Specialist hides (winter), Slimbridge, Arundel, Steart 

Scotland - WWT Caerlaverock, Bass Rock, Galloway Specialist Hides - daytime and nocturnal species, Mull, Highland Wildlife Park, Edinburgh Zoo

Wales - Skomer, Gigrin 

UK 1-2-1 Tuition Rates: 

£400 per day plus expenses

£280 per half day plus expenses

UK 1-2-2 Tuition Rates:

£600 per day plus expenses

£420 per day half day plus expenses

Availability: year-round to suit your schedule

1-2-1 Tuition Vouchers Make Great Gifts!

What Our Clients Say


1-2-1 Photography Tuition: UK

"I can not recommend Trai highly enough. Her knowledge of wildlife and love for nature, when added to her skills as a photographer and a teacher, provide a day that is not only great fun but also a wonderful learning experience.


Trai was enormously helpful in showing me how to get the best from my camera, how to read the situation to get in the right place to shoot the best pictures, how to use the theories of composition to get shots that really catch the eye and also comparing her results with mine, so I could see what I should be aiming for.


Looking at my results from the day, my photographs are infinitely better than anything I have taken before. Trai answered all my questions and has taught me more in a day than I had learned in the three years since buying my first DSLR. I can not recommend her highly enough!"


Andrew Davison OBE,

Head of Corporate Law, Muckle LLP

"I have spent two one-to-one sessions with Trai, one in Dumfries and Galloway and the other in Lincolnshire. Both were fantastic experiences, taking my photography to a new level. Trai is a brilliant tutor, always ready to share her extensive experience of wildlife photography, encouraging you to improve and giving you tips on how to do so.


Above all, Trai is a real pleasure to spend time with; nothing is too much trouble and a relaxed approach to every shoot is guaranteed, but behind it all, you know everything has been thoroughly researched and planned. You couldn't ask for more from any photographic safari company; Trai's certainly stands out in a crowded field.


I will certainly be joining her for more sessions - and possibly one of her big safari trips - in the future."


Pete Duncan

1-2-1 client, UK



1-2-1 Videography Tuition: UK


“A huge thank you Trai for a wonderful and fun workshop. 

You have encouraged me to use my existing creativity to create moving imagery which, together with new skills learnt from you, have excited me to challenge myself and enter the world of videography. 

I always enjoy learning something new and this workshop has surpassed my expectations.  

Can't wait for part 2.  You have made learning fun!”


Andrew Heptinstall

Creative Director, Andrew Heptinstall Photography 


Individual Online Tuition

all the expertise of your safari experience in your own home


Online Tuition

Increase your photography, film making and post production skills at home
through 1-2-1 time with Trai online.

TA tutor post processing Serian-28.JPG
TA tutor post processing Serian-26.JPG
TA tutor post processing Serian-31.JPG

Bespoke online tuition is a fantastic way to learn photography or videography, whether you're honing your shooting techniques, enhancing your post production skills or looking for creative inspiration.

Set and attain new photography and videography goals with

  • 1-2-1 critiques of your existing work

  • troubleshooting issues

  • tailored practical programmes to develop your skills

  • project mentoring

  • creative inspiration

Trai will tailor her tuition to your interests, level of experience and particular requirements.  Start from scratch, or get a much-needed boost when you've reached a plateau in your creativity or skills.  

1-2-1 online tuition is ideal to either get you up and running before safari, or as a follow up to keep your photography techniques and post production progressing.


If you'd like to talk through your 1-2-1 requirements with Trai please contact me to set up a call

Otherwise please book a session below and we will arrange a date and time to suit your schedule

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