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Our Conservation, Climate & Community Commitment

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What is our Conservation, Climate & Communities Commitment?

At Trai Anfield Photographic Safaris & Enlightened Media we believe that film and photography are so powerful that great projects should have access to it, whatever their budgets.  So, alongside our specialist digital destination promotion work and photographic safaris, we are committed to helping conservation and community charities communicate their key messages to raise awareness and funding.  


How does it work?

  • Whenever we are employed commercially by businesses, and when clients book on our safaris, we make sure to give something back to conservation, climate and communities.  This is usually in the form of donated or subsidised photography, film or training. 

  • We also donate 10% of all our print sales to our chosen charity Gorilla Doctors.

  • When we travel we try to use the most eco-friendly practicable transport and offset our own emissions.

  • We also offer our safari clients a choice of ways to counteract the emissions from their tours.

  • We try to stay in reserves and lodges that support local conservation and community initiatives

  • We provide a safe, welcoming and non-competitive space for all of our guests, and are proud to be the only LGBTQI owned photography safari company offering tours around the globe.


The Results

  • Films and photography that help charities to get vital messages across and raise funds.

  • Charity staff and volunteers trained up in photography and film making, so these amazing projects can tell the world about their brilliant work and raise funds.  

  • Cash donations to our chosen charity

  • Happy, safe, supported and inspired clients.

  • All in as climate friendly a way as we can


So a massive thank you to all our commercial and safari clients - you make it possible for us to support great projects in this way!

As well as Conservation & Communities, we are also committed to protecting our climate.  So we take care to minimise our impacts and are currently putting in place a Not Just Net Zero safari strategy, aiming for it to be fully implemented by 2026.  
Trai is also Trustee & Climate Change Ambassador for Northumberland Wildlife Trust as well as Digital Content Producer for the North East based Stronger Shores project.

 Examples of our Conservation & Community Commitment In Action 

Saving Red Squirrels

If we're lucky enough to live in an area where red squirrels still thrive it's tempting to feed them, thinking we're being kind.

And many photographers are tempted to chuck down food in the hope of attracting red squirrels in close for a great shot.


Unfortunately feeding can kill our little red fluffy friends, rather than helping them, so I've produced this short film for Cramlington & District Red Squirrel Group to help explain the dangers.

So whether you're a kind -hearted neighbour of reds, or just visiting a red squirrel wood, please don't be tempted to feed them!

The film is my latest donation made under my Conservation, Community & Climate Commitment

Original music score donated by Alex Warnes:

Ing'ila Nursery School, Kenya: Photography Shoot Donation

Like many schools in rural Kenya, Ing'ila is under-resourced and overwhelmed.  But education is the key to conservation, so during my Mara Predator Conservation Programme fundraiser safari we visited the school.  I then donated the photographs I took and they are being used in funding bids to secure better infrastructure, facilities and resources for the children in this part of the Maasai Mara.

Northumberland Wildlife Trust: Benshaw Moor


A natural history film donated by Trai Anfield Photography through my Conservation, Climate & Communities Commitment.  Benshaw Moor is Northumberland Wildlife Trust's newest and second largest reserve.  This film is a thank you to all those who donated to help the Trust buy this land, and explores the rich diversity of upland habitats and species that the reserve has to offer.

Trai is a Trustee of Northumberland Wildlife Trust, and also the Climate Change Ambassador for the Trust. 

Next Departure
November 2025


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  • Exclusive & unique 9 night wildlife photography & survey experience with MPCP

  • This incredible predator focussed experience is not available elsewhere

  • Focus on lion, cheetah, leopard plus wild dog when present

  • All proceeds donated directly to the Mara Predator Conservation Programme: minimum $6000

  • Small group - max 6 photographers

Tour leaders:  

Trai Anfield:  Award-winning wildlife photographer, film maker and presenter of BBC's The Living World

Niels Mogensen:  Senior Programme Scientist of the Mara Predator Conservation Programme

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Trai Anfield Photography Safaris leopard
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The Difference Our Work Makes

From each safari we raise over $6000 for the Mara Predator Conservation programme - enough to purchase a satellite tracking collar for a lion and monitoring for its lifetime.  Surveying, monitoring and tracking predators and identifying where and when they come in to conflict with humans is vital to the survival of these most iconic of African species, which could become extinct within as little as 20 years if current loss rates are not halted.  Please also see our two films Lion: Saving A Species Parts 1 & 2 below

Children's Heart Unit Fund:  fundraiser film

CHUF - the Children's Heart Unit Fund - is based at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle but looks after children with congenital heart disease and those who need translplants from all over the UK and Ireland.  CHUF funds the very latest equipment for the Unit, but as Dr Richard Kirk says, they also recognise that it's important to "not just fix the heart but to look after the child as a whole, and their family too."  So besides cutting edge technology, CHUF also funds services such as play specialists, clown doctors and child psychologists.  This film highlights the equipment and services which will be a funding priority for CHUF in the coming year.



The difference our work makes:

This year CHUF raised £525,000 at their annual Have A Heart fundraiser, and we are proud to have played a small part in that by producing two films for the event - at a not for profit rate - as part of our Community and Conservation Commitment. 

Lions: Saving A Species - Part 1   (view Part 2 below)

This was the film that inspired our Conservation & Community Commitment.  

On one of her early photography trips to Kenya, Trai was invited to join the Mara Naboisho Lion Project as they tracked and collared one of the reserve’s young lionesses. The work is vital for finding out more about the lions’ behaviour, and will help to protect them for years to come. 


The film was produced and donated to MNLP by Enlightened Media as the start of our community and conservation support programme, and is used constantly by Niels Mogensen, now of the Mara Predator Conservation Programme, to raise awareness at volunteer, community and fundraising events.

The difference our work makes:

Niels says "What you managed to say in those three minutes is just so useful.  We use the film all the time, with funders and volunteers.  When it comes on, that's when people start to get excited about what we're doing and really engage."

Please note: this video was produced completely spontaneously, with zero planning, and filmed whilst hanging out of the back of a jeep in fading light, so it does not have the high production values that we would normally aspire to, but it does its job and launched our whole commitment to conservation and communities!

St Oswald's Hospice

Freya was only 9 years old when her little brother Will died suddenly.  She has been helped to come to terms with her loss by bereavement counsellors at St Oswald's Hospice. The film highlights the service's brilliant work through Freya's eyes and outlines how you can support St Oswald's.


This film was produced and donated by Enlightened Media as part of our community and conservation support programme. 


The difference our work makes:  

"Thank you for helping us produce something amazing.  We love the films & they will help us spread the word about our vital work. A tremendous £90,000 raised and a superb event."

St Oswald's Hospice



Gorilla Doctors
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Trai donates 10% of her print sales profits to Gorilla Doctors.  She has appeared in their annual report for the last two years as a named major donor. 

Gorilla Doctors is saving these endangered species one gorilla at a time by providing vital veterinary care and holistic care for the surrounding communities.  To see more and support the vital work that Gorilla Doctors does please visit

Whitley Bay Carnival 2022

Were you one of the hundreds of fabulously costumed parade promenaders at Whitley Bay Carnival this year?  Or one of the tens of thousands who lined the streets and coast to watch, cheer, dance and party the day away in the sunshine?  See if you can spot yourself in costume or in the crowd!


If you missed Whitley Bay Carnival this year... you can feel the love now.... watch away :)


This film is one of several produced on a not for profit basis by Enlightened Media as part of our community and conservation commitment programme, to help Whitley Bay Carnival get up and running again after decades of absence from the town's calendar.   The wider benefits for the town are varied and valuable.  

On Red Kite Wings

On Red Kite Wings was produced by Enlightened Media for Friends of Red Kites, to mark ten years since the successful reintroduction of red kites to north east England.


The visuals are set to specially commissioned music by Ian Fleming, an exciting and dynamic young composer and graduate of Newcastle University. 


The film aims to bring us a little closer to red kites, which many of us see as an iconic but still quite distant silhouette in the sky.

We put ourselves in the birds' place through a kite's eye view of the Derwent Valley which the kites share with other creatures and of course humans.

We see a little of the varied work of FoRK volunteers, and the impacts, influences and inspirations that the birds have made throughout our community.


The film was financially supported by Northumbrian Water - who have been staunch allies of FoRK over the last ten years - and by Enlightened Media as part of our community and conservation support programme.


To join the group or make a donation please visit


Lions: Saving A Species - Part 2   (view Part 1 above)

"This film follows - sometimes in harrowing detail - what became of the young pregnant lioness Nashipai, who had been collared and tracked by the Mara Naboisho Lion Project in Part 1 of the film.


Having followed Nashipai during the collaring and afterwards, this was a heartbreaking film to make.  But hopefully it will help to highlight one of the many complex issues around lions and people sharing limited space and resources. 


Part 1 is used constantly by Niels Mogensen of the Mara Lion Project to raise awareness at volunteer, community and fundraising events.  I hope MLP will find Part 2 just as useful, even though it's a difficult watch.


Please share the films, feel free to use them in your own campaigns for lion conservation and do please let me know if they help. 


Views, Likes and positive testimonials help me gain much needed funding to continue the work.  Thank you.


This tragedy highlights how important the work of The Mara Lion Project is - please support them if you can."   Trai Anfield


This film was produced and donated to MNLP by Enlightened Media as part of our community and conservation support programme.

Lifespan Complementary

A short film outlining the invaluable work of Lifespan Complementary, a small independent charity in North East England which offers support, care and complementary therapies to those with a terminal illness and their families and carers.  


Please visit to find out more about  our services and how you can support our work and get involved.


This film was produced and donated by Enlightened Media as part of our community and conservation support programme. 


The difference our work makes:  

"The video was an absolute show stopper, I can't express the impact on all who saw it on the night and for those of us who appeared in it.

It was so very touching and beautifully produced.  The evening was fabulous and we raised £10,000."  

Sheila Webb, Operational Manager, Lifespan

We were honoured to be asked to make this film about Jenna Bradley, an incredible little girl who was diagnosed with a blood cancer in 2011.  

After 3 years of horrible treatments, chemo, losing her hair and suffering paralysis Jenna is spending her first Christmas well again this year.


Her story is testament to the brilliant work of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research who fund the research necessary to beat blood cancer.   


At time of writing the film has had over 5000 views in the first two days, and here are just a couple of comments from the first few minutes it was posted on their Facebook site: this is what makes our work each day worthwhile!  

"Powerful video clip. Makes all the volunteering worthwhile!"        


"Great video, I have donated."


"Reminded me to send a cheque to value of normal xmas cards. Hope all of our friends understand!"      


"Makes all our hard work worthwhile."

This film was produced on a not for profit basis for LLR by Enlightened Media as part of our community and conservation support programme.

Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research Christmas Appeal 2014


The difference our work makes

Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research has confirmed that its 2014 Christmas donations appeal - which Enlightened Media produced the video and photography for -  was a huge success!   


'‘Our winter appeal had a great response. The average gift given by our generous supporters was higher than we expected and higher than the sector average. We’re really happy with how it performed.’  

LLR Individual Giving Team


Adopting An Orphaned Elephant

What do you do when someone is kind to you?  Pass that kindness on of course!

During her last stint as Photographer In Residence Trai was given a generous tip by a client.. She decided to keep the good luck flowing by using it to adopt an orphaned elephant through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and now Nabulu is the latest member of our photographic family!

To see the story of her rescue please read Trai's blog

and to support the wonderful work of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust please visit

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