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Tailor Made Photography Safaris
your dreams come true in three easy steps

Design Your Photographic Safari Of A Lifetime

Whether you're travelling alone, as a couple, or a group of photography friends,

tailor made travel gives you the freedom to choose where, when and how you safari 


 Trai will be happy to run any of her established photographic safari itineraries at a time

to suit your schedule, or design a unique trip especially for your group!

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Trai Anfield Photography Safaris komodo
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Three Steps To Your Tailor Made Photography Safari:

Step One:  choose your dream location and focus

Have you always dreamed of photographing tigers in the wild in India?  Bears in Alaska?  Gorillas & big cats in Africa?  Sunrise in Monument Valley?  Holi festival in Udaipur? The northern lights in Finland?  We will design your trip to make your dreams come true!

So the first step towards your dream photographic safari is choosing a location, a key species or an event to build your trip around...or all three!

Dazzled by the options???

Here's Some Inspiration for Your Tailor Made Photographic Safari

Any of the dream itineraries below are a great basis to build your tailor made safari around!

The following safaris are currently being offered as small group tours, but may also be booked as a tailor made safari 

Absolute Alaska! 

Amazing Madagascar

Step Two: choose your time

Each part of the world and each species has a prime time for photography, so let's match your dream location and species with a great time to catch it at its best.

And events wait for no-one, so we'll make sure you're at the heart of the action as it happens.

....or we can turn these two steps around - if you're celebrating a particular date we're happy to advise on the most exciting places and species to be photographing at that time of year

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Step Three: choose your budget

We will design your accommodation portfolio, additional activities and class of travel to suit your budget

From explorer to executive style, how you travel is up to you!

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