Raptors workshop image barn owl

Wildlife Photography: 

Fast Action + Creative Portraiture




Raptors workshop image long eared owl
Raptors workshop image eagle owl
Raptors workshop image long eared owl

Raptors: Fast Action + Creative Portraiture



1 day photography / videography workshop

Next Scheduled Dates:

Saturday 22 May 2021 - POSTPONED - new dates soon

Please note: this is one of very few workshops we can run at the moment, and in the interests of safety social distancing measures will be in place throughout.  In accordance with current Covid19 advice we have limited the number of places to 4 and all participants will be required to wear masks (self provided) and remain 1+ metres apart at all times.  

*For full safety measures please refer to the booking section below.

Every bird of prey offers a unique range of photographic challenges, and you'll get to grips with them all on this Raptors: Fast Action and Creative Portraiture wildlife photography workshop.


Hone your photographic skills with an inspirational range of raptors including all of Britain's owls and a selection of birds of prey from around the world, all in the glorious countryside of Northumberland.


Backdrops include bluebell swathes in native woodland at this time of year, waterfalls, farmland, coastal settings (depending on tides) and purpose built reflection pools and micro habitats. All our settings are stunning and appropriate to our subjects.

Workshop subjects are likely to include


  • Tawny, snowy, eagle, little, short eared, long eared and barn owl, hovering kestrel, buzzard, peregrin falcon, jay, harris hawk and a selection of raptors from around the world


*Please note that species may alter subject to weather & wellfare of the animals.

Raptors workshop image kestrel

Workshop Content:


  • Dynamic composition

  • Camera settings for fast action and creative portraiture

  • Focus - keeping your subject sharp 

  • Exposure - working with aperture, shutter speed and ISO

  • Aperture - retain a sharp subject and a blurred out background 

  • Shutter speed and its creative use

  • ISO - completing the exposure triangle

  • Exposure compensation - the final frontier

Raptors workshop image barn owl
Raptors workshop image little owl
Raptors workshop image barn owl

Advantages of a Workshop Environment


While these birds and animals are not wild, we work with the finest falconers in the finest surroundings to recreate the most natural and wild shots possible. 


And of course when you're honing your skills there are huge advantages to learning under controlled conditions: the birds don't fly away, never to return!


We can also set the flight path of the birds and recreate it time after time until you are confident in your new techniques, capture your perfect shot and are ready for the less predictable birds and animals you'll find out in the wild.



  • Small group: everyone gets a great position and lots of tutor time

  • Beginner friendly - no question too daft - ask away any time!

  • More advanced - try new techniques and expand your creative vision

  • Group and individual advice throughout the day 

  • Field craft tips

  • Option to try wildlife videography


An All-Round Great Day and Experience!


Our day is more than just photography, it's a fantastic all round experience.  


You will get up close and personal with all of our subjects, interact with them, learn loads about them from our knowledgeable falconers Andy and Juanita, and you can even help with handling them when you've got your shots.


You'll also have the option to try your hand at DSLR videography with BBC natural history presenter and film maker Trai Anfield too!

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2021 Dates and Rates


Saturday 22 May 2021


£145 per person as part of a scheduled group (3-4) people

£450 1or 2 person private workshop - dates on request


Includes all photography and videography tuition,

falconry, mammals and reptiles, location transfers.


Please bring a packed lunch


Also available For Small Groups or 1-2-1 Tuition On Request All Year Round


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