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Andy Howey Lindisfarne Northumberland-WE

Wild Treasures of Lindisfarne

A bespoke photography walk exploring the flora, fauna & landscapes of Northumberland's Holy Island

Next Scheduled Date - Sunday 28th July

Also available as a private workshop on request during May, June, July

Location: Lindisfarne, Northumberland

Fitness level - easy to moderate walking for a day carrying your photography gear

Love photographing Britain's wildlife and countryside?
Love exploring on foot, breathing clean sea air and encountering a wide variety of photographic subjects?
Interested in putting a range of nature photography techniques into practice?
Want to spend time with Trai on a 1-2-1 photography workshop?
Or have a small group of interested photographers?

This is for you!

Trai Anfield Lindisfarne Workshop_WEB-25
Trai Anfield Lindisfarne Workshop_WEB-25
Trai Anfield Lindisfarne Workshop_WEB-26
Trai Anfield Lindisfarne Workshop_WEB-27

Photographer Trai Anfield and local bird expert Andy Howey invite you to explore Lindisfarne's natural treasures.  


This invigorating full day photography walk is the perfect opportunity to encounter a myriad of different natural subjects and practice many different aspects of photography:


  • practice your panning technique as fulmars glide at eye level along the cliff tops 

  • follow curlew, lapwing & plover in flight and grazing the shoreline; skylark and stone chat on the grassland

  • search for deer in the dunes and grassland

  • photograph owls in a range of natural habitats 

  • switch to macro and capture the orchids, bugloss and harebell that nestle in the dunes

  • while you're in macro mood capture the weird and wonderful insect life of these coastal niche habitats

  • put your fieldcraft into action to get close to roe deer peeping through swaying grasses, and seals on the rocks

  • perfect your landscape photography skills with iconic Lindisfarne castle as an ideal subject

  • beginner friendly and relaxed atmosphere

  • already photographically confident? this is an ideal opportunity to learn new and more advanced techniques too

Trai Anfield Lindisfarne Workshop_WEB-28
Andy Howey Lindisfarne deer Northumberla
Andy Howey Lindisfarne Northumberland-_M
Lindisfarne Seal_DSC3350_WEB.jpg

About The Day: Each One Will Be Unique!

Timings for each workshop date are very varied, and very specific, as Lindisfarne becomes completely cut off from the mainland by every high tide for a significant portion of each day.  Of course tide times and heights change throughout the year, so our own timings and schedule are governed by nature too!  

Depending on when it is safe to cross the causeway we will try to either start early or stay late to take advantage of golden hour sunrise or sunset light. 


Trai will be on hand to offer professional photography advice and share creative inspiration, getting the very best out of you and your camera. 


Generally we walk for around 3 - 4 miles through the dune system, along the shoreline, around the cliff tops and across the open fields and wetlands.  There will be plenty of stops along the way for photography and food.

The terrain is generally quite flat, and we mainly follow sandy tracks, but may also enter more overgrown areas for deer and rocky areas for seals.

Trai Anfield Lindisfarne Workshop_WEB-26
Andy Howey Lindisfarne Northumberland-_M
Andy Howey Lindisfarne Northumberland-WE
Trai Anfield Lindisfarne_DSC2664.jpg

What Our Guests Say

"I was lucky enough to book on to the Treasures of Lindisfarne Work Shop on 20/08/20. I am new to wildlife photography and was a little nervous as I was not sure what to expect but these nerves were soon forgotten as both Trai and Andy are very relaxed and their passion for photography is obvious.

The location is exceptional it has everything from open fields, dunes, cliffs beaches and castles, with endless subject matters ( including deer, birds in flight, insects, seals, butterflies)  which allowed us to cover several photography techniques including macro, panning and landscape. 

All this has given me the confidence to explore a little more on my own and given me a greater knowledge which will help me improve my photography skills, along with some golden nuggets of information which can only be gained by spending time with a seasoned professional. 

I would highly recommend this to anyone regardless of skill level. I hope to attend another workshop soon." 

J Keegan

Lindisfarne heron reflection_DSC6816_WEB

Dates & Rates

28th July 2024 - scheduled workshop (3 - 6 photographers) - £175 per person


Exclusive 1 - 2 person workshop - £450

Exclusive workshop - 3 + photographers - cost on request 

Includes: all photography / videography tuition, owl handling and guiding


Excludes: Holy Island car park fees


Please bring a packed lunch and drinks for the day

Trai Anfield Lindisfarne Workshop_WEB-27
Trai Anfield Lindisfarne Workshop_WEB-28
Trai Anfield Lindisfarne Workshop_WEB-29

Recommended Kit List

Please note that this will be a day in the field, so you will need to carry your kit for at least a couple of miles, though we will go at a very relaxed pace and will take breaks whenever needed.

  • your camera - we teach on DSLR, Video Camera, Compact, Bridge or even Smartphone

  • if you have a choice of lenses Trai recommends a telephoto lens extending to around 200-400mm for mammals and birds (if you're a very keen birder you may wish to bring an even longer lens) and a wider lens covering around the 24-70mm range for landscapes.  In addition, if you have a macro lens this could come in very handy for the smaller insects and flora which are in abundance at this time of year.

  • a light tripod could come in useful for landscapes and macro photography

  • spare memory cards and batteries - there's a lot to shoot here!

  • waterproof covering for your camera and lens just in case it does rain at times

  • sturdy and waterproof footwear

  • clothing in layers including warm and waterproof outer layers - prepare for anything!

  • in summer a sun hat, suncream and natural midge repellent may be handy

You'll need to pack fairly light, but do feel free to bring along any other equipment you would like to use that may enhance the end product, such as filters, remote release etc.


More detailed joining instructions are issued when we receive your booking, but please contact us with any questions. 


Andy Howey Lindisfarne Northumberland-_M
Trai Anfield Lindisfarne Workshop_WEB-27

Photo credits on this page: Trai Anfield plus Andy Howey & Jimsumo - thanks guys!

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