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Mara Predator Conservation Programme Fundraiser Safari Group 2020 | Trai Anfield Photography Safaris

Having adventures, supporting conservation and creating great photography: that's what we're all about!

Mara Predator Conservation Programme fundraiser safari, February 2020

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About My Safaris:

Exclusive, Ethical, Protected

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Safari can be a very generic term - I prefer to think of my wildlife photography & film safaris as inspiring, creative adventures, where we make  images, memories & friendships to last a lifetime!

Ethical safari means I've taken steps to redress negative impacts on the world's climate from our travels, while maximising our positive impacts on conservation and communities in all our safari destinations.


So booking with me means you benefit incredible Conservation, Climate & Community organisations such as Gorilla Doctors, Mara Predator Conservation Programme & Northumberland Wildlife Trust.

As I design and lead all my safaris & workshops myself, it’s a very personal experience, and quite simply it has to be a joy.   So I only take small select groups and host a friendly, fun, inclusive space for all to relax, be ourselves and enjoy learning more about wildlife photography in great company.

Mine are exclusive experiences, which offer advanced photographers and film makers new challenges, yet they are inclusive and welcoming for those nearer the start of their photographic journey too.  I encourage individuality in photography through a personalised coaching approach.


My itineraries are driven by my dual passions for conservation and exploration - geographically, culturally and creatively - which means each safari is a fully rounded and ethical experience.   We all see the world a little differently after our shared experiences that enrich everyone's photography and life - including mine - every time.


See you on safari!


For your peace of mind and protection, all of my overseas safaris and workshops are fully bonded and protected through our specialist travel partner, and Covid-proofed fully transferrable or refundable deposits are now standard on all trips.

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About Me

This is me in my happy place - out on safari with guests - having the time of our lives!

It's a joy to share my love of photography, nature and exploring our wonderful world, but I'll let people who know me tell you more, as I'm also a wee bit shy when it comes to talking about myself...

“Trai - a gentle soul bursting with photographic talent and passion!"

"Trai has been an absolute joy to have in camp as our Photographer in Residence over the last 4 years. 

She connects with clients in such a lovely manner, and is pure delight to go out on safari with.  The hours pass by in what feels like a matter of minutes and you come home with such a different collection of photos – photos that could be so common have been transformed into something unique. 

Trai is full of wonderful ideas on how to get the most out of your camera and out of your photography no matter how fancy/non-fancy your camera equipment is, and no matter what level you are as a photographer. 


She always takes time to listen and learn about you as a person before she offers up her ideas, and when she shares ideas, she does it in such an unobtrusive way – she makes you think about what you want to achieve with your photo. 

She teaches you to think differently and capture something exceptional.  And it is not just how and what she teaches you out in the field with your camera, it is also her way with helping you on the post production side of photography.  She is sensitive and never assuming.  

If you are lucky enough to have a chance to join Trai on safari don’t miss it.  I - and the guests at Serian who spend time with her - can’t recommend her highly enough.“

Testimonial from Roisin Allen 

Manager, Alex Walker’s Serian Safari Camps, Kenya

Trai Tailor Made Tutor-WEB_2766.jpg

“I have recently returned from the Mara, and although I have stayed at Alex Walker’s Serian Ngare camp before, this time was different. There was the most brilliant photographer in residence – Trai Anfield. What a huge bonus!


The camp is, was, and always will be one of my favourites, but having Trai in camp just took my stay to another level.  She ( of course! ) knows her way around a camera, but more importantly, she has the ability to explain things in a way that not only makes sense, but that also makes you feel as though you are working together.  She clearly WANTS to teach, and she does this SO well.


She also obviously has a real love of the bush and the wildlife that live there, and it was an absolute joy to spend a few days with her.  Rain or shine – we had a great time – and the bonus was that I learned so much!


If you have the chance to spend time with her – to learn from her – just do it.  You won’t be sorry.”


Kay Moseley, Photographer

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About Trai


I'm Trai Anfield, proud founder of Trai Anfield Photography Safaris, as well as environmentalist, wildlife photographer, film maker, writer and natural history presenter of BBC Radio 4's Living World.  
My photography regularly features in international magazines and I've been fortunate to hold several successful exhibitions in the UK and US.  My awards include Finalist & Category Winner of the Greatest Maasai Mara Photographer of the Year, Category Winner and Finalist in the WildArt Photographer of the Year and Runner Up in The Guardian Travel Writing Competition.

I personally design and lead all my photographic safaris across five continents, and my returning clients know that each destination will meet their needs as photographers as well as travellers. I'm also a regular Photographer In Residence at Alex Walker's Serian safari camps in Kenya's Maasai Mara.
Teaching is something I love, and I've accumulated a lot of experience along the way, mentoring and training during my 13 years at the BBC before designing and leading Creative Factual Production workshops for Channel 4 tv network in the UK. I've also had the honour of guest lecturing at Princeton University on the undergraduate Digital Bootcamp, teaching wildlife photography on ITV's upcoming series of 'Robson Green's Weekend Escapes' and running creative film production and photography workshops for a range of commercial clients and charitable organisations. 

So on my safaris and workshops you not only get the benefit of my photographic experience, but the unique option to learn wildlife videography from a BBC trained film maker as well.  I believe our world is worth fighting for and am  committed to supporting a range of conservation & community charities in the UK and Africa by donating time, resources and profits from her work.  These include Gorilla Doctors, Mara Predator Conservation Programme and Friends of Red Kites NE.  I'm also a Trustee and Climate Change Ambassador at Northumberland Wildlife Trust.

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