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Small Animals Studio Photography


16 June 2021 - POSTPONED new date soon

1-2-1 available on request all year round

Learn to light and photograph small mammals, reptiles and insects in this innovative new all-weather studio workshop.

Small mammals, birds of prey, reptiles and insects all offer a unique range of photographic challenges, and you'll get to grips with them all on this Macro, mini and exotic wildlife photography workshop.


Hone your photographic skills with an inspirational range of wildlife including owls, harvest mouse, monitor lizard, chilean rose tarantula, scorpion, leopard gecko, praying mantis, tree frog, chameleon and more.


As part of the workshop we will also cover how to create purpose-built micro habitats, and how to light them for photography. All settings are appropriate to our subjects.

Plus creative post processing tips to gain the most from your shots



Workshop subjects:

  • Small mammals: our small mammal subject for this workshop will be the increasingly rare harvest mouse

  • Reptiles and insects: exotics including chameleon, monitor lizard, chilean rose tarantula, scorpion, leopard gecko, praying mantis, black mantis, king python, tree frog, millipede - more added all the time!


*Please note that species may alter subject to weather & wellfare of the animals.

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Workshop Content:


  • Lighting studio mini and macro subjects

  • Dynamic composition

  • Camera settings for studio and macro photography and creative portraiture of small mammal and reptile subjects

  • Focus - keeping your subject sharp 

  • Exposure - working with aperture, shutter speed and ISO

  • Aperture - retain a sharp subject and a blurred background 

  • Shutter speed and its creative use

  • ISO - completing the exposure triangle

  • Exposure compensation - the final frontier

  • Creative post processing tips

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Advantages of a Workshop Environment

  • Small group: everyone gets a great position and lots of tutor time

  • Beginner friendly - no question too daft - ask away any time!

  • More advanced - try new techniques and expand your creative vision

  • Group and individual advice at your level throughout the day 

  • Learn to light small and moving subjects

  • Recreate the shots more than once until you are confident in your new techniques and capture your perfect shot

  • Field craft tips to prepare you for the less predictable insects, reptiles, birds and small mammals you'll encounter in the wild.


Trai Anfield Photographic Safaris tree f
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An All-Round Great Day and Experience!


Our day is more than just photography, it's a fantastic all round experience.  


You will get up close and personal with all of our subjects, interact with them, and learn loads about them from our knowledgeable handlers Andy and Juanita, while you're creating your shots!

Dates and Rates

16 June 2021- POSTPONED new date soon


This workshop is available For Small Groups or 1-2-1 Tuition

On Request All Year Round






£145 as part of a group session (max 4 photographers)

£420 individual tuition, £550 2 person private workshop


Includes all photography and videography tuition, and all insect, mammal and reptile handling, set building and lighting, tea, coffee, water.


Please bring a packed lunch


This workshop is run in partnership with


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