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Vietnam: Ancient Traditions & New Perspectives 2026

Cultural & Landscape Photography Tour

With Licensed Drone Shoots Throughout

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Day 1 - May 27


Arrival - Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Evening Shoot– Welcome Dinner

Our guide and driver will meet us at the airport in Tan Son Nhat, transfer us to our first night hotel where we will check-in, drop off our luggage, and relax. and refresh for a few hours.

After a short briefing, we will head out for cityscape shots at dusk, with motion blur action taking place along the Saigon River.

Afterwards, a welcome dinner at a nearby restaurant.


Meal: Dinner

Day 2 - May 28


Exploring Ho Chi Minh Streets – Mekong Delta

We’ll use drone photos to capture the city’s vivid waking as the sun rises. After breakfast and a quick recharge at the hotel, we’ll explore Chinatown’s bustling streets to capture daily life.

Long An, in the Mekong Delta, is our destination by afternoon. The river is alive with water transfers. A leisurely boat ride through Tan Lap Floating Village’s lush wetlands awaits us in the afternoon. Our cameras will capture the Mekong Delta swamp’s breathtaking beauty as we navigate the Melaleuca tree maze.

Overnight in Moc Hoa.


Meal: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3 - May 29


Embracing Southern Charm: Moc Hoa  to Phan Rang

In this morning, we will participate in “water lilies” harvesting with locals and photograph one of the most beautiful southern signature images with workers, local women wearing the iconic conical hats & “khăn rằn” (a black-white checked scarf) and “Áo Bà Ba” (traditional Vietnamese southern outfits).

Returning to Ho Chi Minh, we’ll fly to Nha Trang. From there, we head south to Phan Rang, where our photographic adventure will continue. We’ll watch the shepherds lead their sheep home in Phan Rang’s stunning scenery. Once the sun sets and the sky turns golden, we’ll capture this peaceful image to end our day’s photography.


Meal: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Day 4 - May 30


Delving into Cham Culture: Phan Rang to Doc Let

Before the break of dawn, our day begins with a journey into the heart of Cham villages, where centuries of culture unfold against the backdrop of pristine sand dunes. With cameras in hand, we’ll document the rich tapestry of Cham life, from vibrant traditions to the quiet rhythms of daily existence.

After a morning shoot, we will be back at the hotel for breakfast and some rest. As we near Phan Rang, another captivating scene awaits us: the mending of a sea of green fishing nets.

Our journey continues to Doc Let, where we’ll rest and prepare for tomorrow’s adventures in the early morning.


Meal: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 5

May 31


Unveiling Hidden Gems: Doc Let to Phu Yen

We’re heading to Hon Khoi’s stunning Salt Fields next on our photo tour. Found in the stunning seaside setting of Khanh Hoa, these salt ponds’ reflecting pools and diligent laborers evoke images of tropical arctic landscapes in Khanh Hoa’s stunning seaside setting.

We’ll watch the building of coracle boats and the mending of yellow fishing nets at Phu Yen. We’ll capture the magnificent reflections and silhouettes of O Loan Lagoon at dusk. Every minute we spend taking pictures will be fascinating.


Meal: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 6

June 1


Exploring Phu Yen’s Natural Wonders

We will photograph the spectacular structures at Ganh Da Dia Cliff in the early morning light. From above, our drones will show Hon Yen’s fishermen living in harmony with the water.

In the afternoon, we observe coracle boat construction and sedge-mat weaving. We’ll capture the skilled artisans who interpret these traditions in Phu Yen’s cultural context.

Our location on Vietnam’s longest bamboo bridge will allow us to catch the sunset’s beautiful colors in the quiet rivers below before going to our hotel.


Meal: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 7

June 2


From Phu Yen to Tam Ky via Quy Nhon

Our day begins in the serene glow of Ganh Den Lighthouse, where dawn light paints lovely colors. Drones will capture Hon Yen fishermen and their nets dancing rhythmically, telling stories on the sea’s canvas.

After some cocktails and relaxation at the hotel, we’ll leave for Quy Nhon. We’ll take another drone shot of Hon Kho’s seaweed at low tide. Bright yellow seaweed makes for a stunning overhead image.

Late afternoon, we’ll board the luxurious Reunification Train for Tam Ky – The Vietage train.

Upon arrival, our driver will transport us to hotel

Train number: SE8 depart from Dieu Tri station at 18:41 and arrive at Tam Ky station at 23:02


Meal: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 8

June 3


Immersing in Local Life: From Tam Ky to Hoi An

We spend our morning slowly taking in Hoi An Old Town’s alluring atmosphere. We’ll roam freely around its winding streets and historic buildings, enjoying the spirit of this ageless town and capturing its beauty on camera.

The mid afternoon trip to Hoian’s blue fishing nets weaving hamlet will immerse us in local life.


We can talk to the locals in a tranquil setting about their customs and daily lives. We’ll photograph their lives and work to immerse ourselves in Vietnamese culture.


Meal: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 9

June 4


Exploring Old Hoi An: From Fishing villages to Sedge-grass fields 

Our photographic adventure through historic Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, begins with a lively fishing town before sunrise. In the dawn sunlight, we’ll photograph nets full of silvery fish against stilt platforms. On our way back, we’ll stroll through Hoi An’s bustling morning market, a kaleidoscope of colors and smells that capture its rich culture.

We’ll photograph two remarkable old ladies in the afternoon, their faces telling decades of memories. Their portraits will symbolize Hoi An’s resilience.

Later in the day, we’ll visit a southern Hoi An town where time stops among the sedge-grass fields. The peaceful rhythm of local activities allows our lenses to capture the spirit of everyday life in this timeless region of Vietnam.


Meal: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 10

June 5


From Hoi An to Hue: Embracing tranquility and Majesty


We begin our day at Central Vietnam’s bustling Tam Tien seafood market. We’ll capture the market’s essence as fishermen bring in their catch amid the hustle. We’ll relax and rest at the hotel during the lunchtime heat.

Leaving Hoi An, we drive down the picturesque coast to Hue, a city rich in history and beauty. Once there, we will explore the magnificent grounds of the Emperor’s tomb, with traditional ‘Ao Dai’ models whose elegance accentuates the opulent surroundings. Every photo, taken against this amazing background, captures the spirit of classic elegance and seems like a scenario from a trip or fashion magazine.


Meal: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 11

June 6


Exploring the Majesty of Hue Imperial city 

After an early breakfast in our accommodation, we explore Hue Imperial City’s history. In the morning’s light, we’ll photograph an “Ao dai” model among the ancient walls and buildings.

In the afternoon, we’ll photograph the fishermen casting their nets in an ancient dance on the peaceful Perfume River. As the sun sets, lanterns will be released on the river, creating a stunning shot at sunset and twilight.


Meal: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 12

June 7


From Hue to Hanoi: Exploring Handicarfts and Old Town

Following hotel check-out in Hue, we get a short flight to Hanoi. Once there, we’ll take a trip to Quang Phu Cau, a village surrounded by colorful incense sticks.

We’ll check into our hotel in downtown Hanoi after returning, and then head out to discover the charming Old Town lanes.

We’ll photograph Hanoi’s unusual sights and unplanned moments in its busy streets and twisted alleyways. At sunset, we’ll set up high near the famed Long Bien Bridge.


Meal: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 13

June 8


Hanoi – Ha Long Bay

When morning comes, we’ll leave Hanoi and drive to a distant town to learn soy sauce production. Craftspeople with conical hats oversee the laborious process in rows of earthen jars.

We then continue heading to Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with weird limestone islets and emerald waters. We’ll board our junk boat through this surreal environment, capturing Ha Long’s tranquility. As we sail, the ship’s amenities will enhance our photography and enable us to fully absorb the bay’s charm.


Meal: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 14

June 9


 Ha Long Bay

Full day exploring Halong Bay


Meal: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 15

June 10


Ha Long Bay – Hanoi

We’ll wake up on our junk in Ha Long Bay to watch the sunrise give the limestone cliffs a golden hue. For those who wake up early, this is an excellent opportunity to imagine the peaceful beauty of dawn breaking over the water.

Following a relaxing brunch on deck, we will depart Ha Long Bay for Hanoi. After checking into our hotel and reflecting on our photographic journey through Vietnam, we will gather in the evening for a farewell dinner.


Meal: Breakfast, Brunch, Dinner

​​Day 16

June 11


Hanoi - Departure

You have today to take in Hanoi’s vibrant appeal one more time on your own. When it comes time, we’ll provide a ride to the airport for your flight to home. Safe Travel.


Meal: Breakfast

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