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Exclusive, Ethical, Protected

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Trai has developed a range of inspirational adventures designed exclusively around creative wildlife imaging.  The requirements of photographers and film makers are at the core of each and every journey: small groups, exclusive locations, individual photography coaching and a passion for exploration geographically and creatively mean your safari with Trai is an inspiring and joyous experience.  You may well see the world a little differently afterwards, and will certainly bring back photographs, memories and friendships to last a lifetime.  



Booking on Trai's safaris and workshops also means you directly benefit Conservation, Climate and Community organisations in the UK and Africa:  for every safari place and every print sold Trai donates time, resources and a proportion of profits to producing films, photography & training that allow her supported charities to get their vital messages across.  

Conservation charities she supports include Northumberland Wildlife Trust, Cramlington Red Squirrels and Friends of Red Kites in the UK; Gorilla Doctors in Rwanda and Uganda; and the Mara Predator Conservation Programme and Maa Trust in Kenya.  


Trai is also a Trustee and Climate Change Ambassador for Northumberland Wildlife Trust. She is currently introducing a Net Zero Emissions safari strategy to be fully implemented by 2023.


Please see our Conservation & Community page to view some of the community and conservation films and photography she has donated or produced at not-for-profit rates, and the difference they make.

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For your peace of mind and protection, all of Trai's overseas safaris and workshops are fully bonded through our specialist travel partner, and Covid-proofed transferrable or refundable deposits are standard on all trips.

My safaris and workshops provide superb opportunities for more experienced photographers, and are very definitely beginner friendly too... I remember how intimidating it felt when I started out, so there are no such things as daft questions on my trips!  


And it's not about having the flashiest camera & biggest lens either - I'll help you get the best out of whatever kit you bring - my safaris are exclusive experiences but welcoming and inclusive too!


We're all here to revel in the natural world, learning together and having fun, while creating stunning images, memories & friendships to last a lifetime.


Everyone's photography and life is enriched, including mine, every time. "  

Trai Anfield


Due to the Covid19 pandemic many of my overseas safaris are temporarily on hold, though I would like to assure you that all bookings will be fully honoured as soon as it is safe to do so.  From April 12th I am also able to run safe, outdoor workshops within the UK once again - you can find these here

The international 2021safaris postponed to similar dates in 2022 have no additional costs for existing guests.

Bookings are now open for 2022 and 2023, when there will be new and exciting destinations for both small group and tailor made safaris!

I'm currently working as normal, alongside my agent and supplier colleagues around the world, to ensure you receive the best and safest service now and in the future, and will keep you up to date here, and also via our newsletter.


If you have an enquiry about your booking please contact me via email or phone on the links above.


Wishing you well, and looking forward to seeing you on safari when it is safe.


Meanwhile why not browse our safaris for some inspiration and an adventure of a lifetime to look forward to!

Trai Anfield

Creative Director & Lead Tutor

About Our Tutors

“Trai - a gentle soul bursting with photographic talent and passion!"

"Trai has been an absolute joy to have in camp as our Photographer in Residence over the last 4 years. 

She connects with clients in such a lovely manner, and is pure delight to go out on safari with.  The hours pass by in what feels like a matter of minutes and you come home with such a different collection of photos – photos that could be so common have been transformed into something unique. 

Trai is full of wonderful ideas on how to get the most out of your camera and out of your photography no matter how fancy/non-fancy your camera equipment is, and no matter what level you are as a photographer. 


She always takes time to listen and learn about you as a person before she offers up her ideas, and when she shares ideas, she does it in such an unobtrusive way – she makes you think about what you want to achieve with your photo. 

She teaches you to think differently and capture something exceptional.  And it is not just how and what she teaches you out in the field with your camera, it is also her way with helping you on the post production side of photography.  She is sensitive and never assuming.  

If you are lucky enough to have a chance to join Trai on safari don’t miss it.  I - and the guests at Serian who spend time with her - can’t recommend her highly enough.“

Testimonial from Roisin Allen 

Manager, Alex Walker’s Serian Camps, Kenya

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Trai Anfield


Your tour director and lead tutor is Trai Anfield, environmentalist, wildlife photographer, film maker, writer and natural history presenter of BBC Radio 4's Living World.  


Trai's award-winning photography regularly graces international magazines and she has held several successful exhibitions in the UK and US.  She was a finalist of the Greatest Maasai Mara Photographer of the Year, having won the contest in March 2019.   Trai designs and leads photographic safaris across five continents, and is a regular Photographer In Residence at Alex Walker's Serian safari camps in Kenya's Maasai Mara.


Trai is a hugely experienced trainer who mentored and trained during her 13 years at the BBC. She subsequently designed and directed Creative Factual Production workshops for Channel 4 tv network in the UK, and has guest lectured at Princeton University on the undergraduate Digital Bootcamp. 


So on our safaris and workshops you not only get the benefit of Trai's photographic experience, but the unique option to learn wildlife videography from a BBC trained film maker as well.  

Trai is committed to supporting a range of conservation & community charities in the UK and Africa by donating time, resources and profits from her work.  These include Gorilla Doctors, Mara Predator Conservation Programme and Friends of Red Kites NE.  She is a Trustee of Northumberland Wildlife Trust.

Peter Haygarth

Peter has been a wildlife photographer and videographer for over 30 years, and in 2019 was among the Highly Commended finalists of Wildlife Photographer of the Year.  He accompanies Trai as co-tutor on larger group departures.


Peter served as a police officer for 24 years and for 17 of these was a firearms instructor, teaching marksmanship skills and field craft, including camouflage and concealment. During his service as a police trainer he gained a certificate of education and taught photography to several specialist units.


Peter first met Trai while working as a UAV pilot and flight trainer. He is an experienced drone pilot and drone camera operator, filming for TV series, adverts and feature films. Some of the highlights of his Drone flying career ware working on Top Gear, Bake Off Creme de la Creme and teaching Alex Walker of ‘Alex Walkers Serian’ safari camps to fly in Tanzania across the plains of the Serengeti. 

Monika Seyffer

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Monika is a passionate photographer, born and raised in Zürich, Switzerland, and will join the team as co-tutor for Zimanga in 2021.  She received her first camera at the age of ten and started capturing her life ever since.  To Monika, taking pictures is like writing in a diary, where she records her life with images – and her diary keeps growing.  Her love for wildlife photography started in Kenya and she has visited Africa many times, as well as safari destinations around the world.


Her images have received many recognitions in Swiss newspapers, awards at competitions and Monika hosted her first solo photography exhibition in November 2020 in Zürich.  She also offers tours through Zurich, and is a patient photography teacher, fluent in both German and English and proficient in French and Spanish too.

Monika is also a proud mother of five and has practiced Pilates for the past 21 years. She has taught at her own Pilates studio for the past 13 years and gained of lot of knowledge not just with physical training but also with life coaching.


With these twin passions for photography and Pilates she is able to fulfill her two dreams – one for her health and one for her soul.