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Safari can be a very generic term - I prefer to think of my wildlife photography & film safaris as inspiring, creative adventures, where we create  images, memories & friendships to last a lifetime! "

Trai Anfield

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I'd definitely check out any photographer before travelling with them, so for more about me and my safaris please see the About Us page

My safaris and workshops provide superb opportunities for more experienced photographers, and are very definitely beginner friendly too... I remember how intimidating it felt when I started out, so there are no such things as daft questions on my trips!  
And it's not about having the flashiest camera & biggest lens either - I'll help you get the best out of whatever kit you bring - my safaris are exclusive experiences but welcoming, friendly & inclusive too .
We're all here to revel in the natural world, learning together and having fun, while creating stunning images, memories & friendships to last a lifetime.

Everyone's photography and life is enriched, including mine, every time. "

Trai Anfield

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