UK One Day Workshops

discover wildlife photography close to home

Fast Action + Creative Portraiture

22 May 2020

3 July 2020

24 July 2020
Also Available On Request All Year Round

  • A thorough grounding in the techniques of capturing fast action of birds in flight and creative wildlife portraits

  • Birds of Prey: native raptors and owls, static and in flight, including all the British owls, hovering kestrel, buzzard, peregrin falcon, jay

  • Small mammals: our subject for this workshop will be the native and increasingly rare harvest mouse

  • Reptiles and insects: exotics including monitor lizard, chilean rose tarantula, scorpion

Diving Gannets of Bass Rock

Boat based half day photography / videography workshop

Saturday July 4th 2020

  • Unrivalled opportunities for gannet flight, diving and underwater shots

  • Bass Rock backdrop and open sea locations

  • Chance of puffin, razorbill, arctic tern, eider, seal, minke whale, porpoise or dolphin on the journey out and back!

  • Friendly and experienced tutor- come and learn new techniques!

  • Unique challenges for more experienced photographers

Introduction to DSLR Wildlife Filmaking

Available On Request All Year Round

Step by step insights into planning and shooting a short wildlife documentary.  

  • developing your storyline

  • camera settings for videography

  • practical filming techniques

  • shot selection and shooting for the edit

  • field craft

  • bringing it all together - directing the final edit



Small Animals Studio Workshop

31 January 2020



Learn to light and photograph macro subjects, small mammals and exotic reptiles in this innovative new all-weather workshop with post processing tips.


  • Beginner friendly - come and learn new techniques!

  • Unique opportunities for more experienced photographers

  • Discover lighting and micro habitats

  • Not weather-dependent!



Also available on request all year round

Farne Islands Summer Seabirds

02 July 2020
25 July 2019

Also available on request during June & July


Spectacular puffin, guillemot, shag, tern, kittiwake, gannet and marine mammals


  • Beginner friendly - come and learn new techniques!

  • In flight, in water and on nest opportunities with a terrific range of seabirds

  • Unique opportunities for more experienced photographers

  • Option to try wildlife DSLR videography