UK 1 -3 Day Workshops

wildlife photography close to home and with social distancing*

Trai Anfield WCWPC Oct 2020 otter _DSC27

UK Wildlife Photography Workshop -SW England

21-23 AUGUST 2021

  • Rich diversity of British wildlife 

  • Larger mammals including Otter, Scottish Wildcat, Badger, Fox, Beaver, Wild Boar, Sika Deer

  • Smaller mammals including Water Vole, Pine Marten, Stoat, Polecat, Hedgehog, Water Shrew, Dormouse, Bank Vole, Field Vole ​

  • British native birds including white stork, Eurasian crane, long eared owl, barn owl, little owl

  • Natural settings including those used by the BBC Natural History film unit 

  • Beginner friendly plus great for intermediate/experienced photographers seeking closer access and new species

  • 1-2-1 technical tuition and creative inspiration with Trai Anfield

  • Close to home for UK & European clients: support local economy, conservation and climate

Trai Anfield short eared owl Lindisfarne

Wild Treasures of Lindisfarne
A full day photography walk exploring the flora, fauna & landscapes of Norttumberland's Holy Island
May 21st 2021 
June 20th 2021
Also available on request during May - August

  • Love photographing Britain's wildlife and countryside?

  • Love exploring on foot, breathing clean sea air and encountering a wide variety of photographic subjects?

  • Interested in putting a range of nature photography techniques into practice?

  • Want to spend time with like minded photographers on a safe and socially distanced photography workshop? 

  • This is for you!


gannets Farnes_WEB-9227.jpg

Diving Gannets of Bass Rock
Half day boat-based photography workshop
Saturday 7th AUGUST 2021 SOLD OUT

  • Unrivalled opportunities for gannet flight, diving and underwater shots

  • Bass Rock backdrop and open sea locations

  • Chance of puffin, razorbill, arctic tern, eider, seal, minke whale, porpoise or dolphin on the journey out and back!

  • Friendly and experienced tutor- come and learn new techniques!

  • Unique challenges for more experienced photographers

  • No other gannet workshop gets you access quite like this to these birds in flight and diving!

Raptors: Fast Action + Creative Portraiture

Full day workshop featuring the skills of capturing flight action and a range of creative natural portraiture of birds of prey

Available On Request All Year Round

  • A thorough grounding in the techniques of capturing fast action of birds in flight and creative wildlife portraits

  • Birds of Prey: native raptors and owls, static and in flight, including all seven British owl species, hovering kestrel, buzzard and more

  • Authentic natural settings in the Northumberland countryside

Introduction to DSLR Wildlife Filmaking

Two days covering planning, shooting & editing a short wildlife documentary.

23 & 24 October 2021

Also available On Request All Year Round

  • developing your storyline

  • camera settings for videography

  • practical filming techniques

  • making your film flow

  • producing and directing in the field

  • shot selection and shooting for the edit

  • field craft

  • bringing it all together - directing the final edit

Trai Anfield Photographic Safaris tree f

Small Animals Studio Workshop

Learn to light and photograph macro subjects, small mammals and exotic reptiles in this innovative new all-weather workshop with post processing tips.


  • Beginner friendly - come and learn new techniques!

  • Unique opportunities for more experienced photographers

  • Discover lighting and micro habitats

  • Not weather-dependent!

  • Small group - maximum 4 photographers



Available on request all year round


Farne Islands Summer Seabirds


20 MAY 2021 - postponed

18 JUNE 2021 - postponed

Also available on request during May & June 2021


Spectacular puffin, guillemot, shag, tern, kittiwake, gannet and marine mammals


  • Beginner friendly - come and learn new techniques!

  • In flight, in water and on nest opportunities with a terrific range of seabirds

  • Unique opportunities for more experienced photographers

  • Option to try wildlife DSLR videography



Trai Anfield harvest mouse eating snow x

Seasonal Greetings Card Photography Workshop


29 OCTOBER 2021

30 OCTOBER 2021

Also available on request during October & November 2021


A fun and festive studio photography workshop focussed on making your own wildlife-themed greetings cards featuring

our cutest little owls and harvest mice.


A truly unique and creative way to send love and best wishes for the festive season!




A personal note from Trai

"The safety of my guests has always been uppermost in my mind, and I have given much thought to appropriate social distancing measures for my workshops.  Though these will be mandatory for the foreseeable future, you can still be assured of a wonderfully intimate experience with the wildlife we encounter.

Thank you in advance for your adherence to the measures below, and for keeping us all safe while we continue to explore new places and enjoy our photography!"


Please note that your booking constitutes acceptance of the need to prioritise safety for yourself and all others associated with the workshop at all times.  This means you agree to adhere strictly to the government's current Covid19 advice throughout, which includes the wearing of masks when necessary.  Anyone not complying with safety measures will be asked to leave the workshop.  No refund will be offered in this circumstance.

Please do not attend the workshop if you or your family are showing any symptoms of Covid 19.  

We cannot accept responsibility for any subsequent infection.

- This workshop will be 100% held outdoors in the beautiful Northumberland countryside

- No group transport: we will travel separately to the meeting point

- Places are strictly limited to 4

- Please do not greet anyone by shaking hands and avoid physical contact at all times

- Only touch your own photography equipment

- Avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth

- Guests are asked to please arrive with your own masks (N95, R95, KN95 or surgical masks) and they must be    worn according to WHO safety standards.

- 1m+ distancing will be maintained
- Hand sanitiser will be available at all times 
- Trai will also wear gloves when helping with guest cameras

Other than that it will be business as usual with the most wonderful and creative photographic opportunities!


Trai Anfield social distancing workshop
Trai Anfield social distancing workshop


"At this time of social distancing, and the wearing of face masks when at a distance of 1 metre or less, it is necessary to continue with as many pastimes as we can.

Having experienced one of your Photographic Workshops I believe my safety and the safety of the whole group was well managed and at no time did I consider myself at risk. 


I consider the workshop met all necessary controls to maintain a safe environment.  At the same time, interaction was still possible to provide the necessary coaching along with questions and answers.

Overall, the session was without doubt a valuable experience.  I learnt some very useful tips and the day gave me further confidence to tackle tricky lighting conditions in the future.  Looking forward to other workshops!"

JIM IMBER, pictured above right attending our recent Raptors workshop