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Film & Photography Training 

for individuals, companies, charities, higher education & tv networks

Images from Trai's Channel 4 film making training workshops

Creative Video Production Workshop

Trai originally devised this unique training programme for UK television network Channel 4, to train young film makers and spot talent.  Over 1000 young people have benefitted from these workshops throughout the UK, and many have gone on to successful media careers.


Now Trai is making the same resources available to corporate clients, charities and small businesses.  By equipping key staff or volunteers in the skills of video production you can produce high quality digital content without having to continually spend big on external production companies.

Here's an example of Trai's beginner technical  tips on How To Film Stuff on an iPad

Our Training Comes Highly Recommended

Trai is a BBC trained videographer and producer who has designed and led hugely successful workshops for corporate, network and higher education clients including Channel 4's Talent unit, Princeton University and Home Group UK.

Here's what they said about her training:

"Trai designed and led our TV Production workshop for the four years of our Channel 4 Pop Up project.

She is an excellent facilitator, and the content produced during her sessions was phenomenal, as was the feedback we received from the young people who took part."

Laura Boswell

4Talent at Channel 4


''WOW! That was a fantastic presentation!  You have an amazing gift of communicating with an audience. You covered so much material with such great enthusiasm.


I've been working in TV production for 15 years and learned so much from you in an hour and a half'' 



Lisa A. Jackson

Producer/Editor, Broadcast Center

Princeton University, USA


'' Video will become increasingly important in how we show the work that we are doing with Clients and Customers and how we engage them''


''It was really well structured and taught you how to put a video together''


'' Dealt with things to be aware of like the lighting and sound and the importance of the difference type of shots...''

"i was nervous before we started but it was really good fun and I learned so much - thank you."


Video Pioneers workshop graduates,

Home Group, UK



Who Is This Training Aimed At?

  • Corporate Clients

  • Charities

  • Small Businesses


What Will Your Organisation Gain?

  • Bring your products and services to life for colleagues and clients alike

  • Save on paying external production companies to make your promotional content

  • Improve communication of key messages

  • Raise awareness & funds

  • Document key projects

  • Liven up reports and meetings

  • Produce creative and informative content for press releases, social platforms, website, presentations, intranet and company tv networks

  • Skilled and confident film makers who can share knowledge and inspire colleagues

What Does This Workshop cover?

This workshop is a step by step guide to producing short films with impact.

Aspects of film making you will learn about include

  • key roles in video production: what makes a good producer? what does a director do?

  • gain experience in key roles: producer, director, researcher, camera/sound/lighting, editor

  • production workflow: how to simplify and streamline the film making process

  • how to identify and engage your specific audience

  • what works best for different platforms

  • structuring and storyboarding your ideas to make them film friendly

  • pre-shoot preparation

  • shooting your film: creative and technical tips

  • interviewing techniques

  • on screen presenting techniques

  • editing your film: bringing it all together

  • distributing your film

  • useful production resources

Do I Need Any Experience?

Absolutely none!  We will take you through the whole process from start to finish and have a lot of fun along the way.

Do I need Expensive Camera Gear?

No definitely not!  We believe that ideas and heart are the key to inspiring film, not expensive equipment.  And we want you to be able to carry on film making when you get back to work, so we teach on smartphone, tablet and any camera equipment you have to hand.  At Channel 4 we taught film making exclusively on iPad so that our young participants could use the skills they learned on our workshops out in the real world.

Other Media Training Workshops

Media Presentation 


Trai Anfield offers individual or group workshops in media presentation.


She has presented for the BBC for over 15 years, currently presenting on the BBC Radio 4 flagship natural history programme Living World and reporting for Shared Planet.


She presented weather, environment features and documentaries for BBC television and independent productions and stood in for Sir David Attenborough on the BBC Blue Planet Live tour.


Trai also runs workshops in Creative Factual production for Channel 4's   4Talent Unit, aimed at the most promising young media students around the UK

Photography For Your Business



Fed up of spending big on photography for your business?


Invest to save by upskilling key members of your team in photographic skills.


We will give you the confidence and skills to get off automatic settings, tackle problematic issues like lighting, and ensure you get the best out of your camera and kit in whatever area of photography you need.


From aerial and architecture to macro, people and products, a few hours with our professional tutor Trai Anfield will help you to maximise your future marketing budgets.



Digital Bootcamp



This is our ultimate corporate digital media course!

A week-long boot camp that leaves you fully equipped to produce and present high quality digital output including stills photography and video for use in company brochures, presentations, social media, newsletters, websites, intranet and tv channels.


Digital Boot Camp includes:
Full Corporate Photography course
Full Corporate Video Pioneers course
Media presentation training from

Trai Anfield, experienced BBC presenter
Journalistic storytelling course that Trai devised and taught for Princeton University Media Bootcamp
Individual project support


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