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Guest Gallery and Feedback


Don't just take our word that our safaris are brilliant - view our guests' photos and comments here!



Guest Gallery: SW Scotland Spring Safari 2016

(For image details please click when in centre position)

Red Kite - Quatro-6676.jpg
Peter, Andrew, Nigel SW Scotland.jpg
Red Kite - Tail grab-6557.jpg
Red Squirrel - Punk-6010.jpg
Sparrow Hawk - wet and fed up!-5781.jpg
Dipper close up-5080[1].jpg
Adder - eye to eye-4972.jpg
Kingfisher rising from water-6362.jpg
Kingfisher with fish-6325.jpg
Cuckoo landing-4900.jpg
Sparrow Hawk - in the tree-5835.jpg
Who needs a long lens_-6370[1].jpg
Red Deer close up-6340[1].jpg
Red Deer-6396[1].jpg
Red Squirrel in woodland-6936.jpg
They're hot!-6438[1].jpg
SW Scotland Trai & Colin 1754.jpg

Guest Feedback: SW Scotland Spring Safari 2016

"I still cannot quite get over what we saw in such a short time and just how privileged we were, both to be in such wonderful situations and to have you (Trai) and Peter being so kind and helpful. 


The results are astonishing (by my standards at least), way beyond anything I ever thought I would be able to capture.  


Just a huge thank you to you both for creating the opportunity and for being so wonderful in delivering it.


I still find it difficult to believe that we were that close to kingfisher, cuckoo, sparrow hawk, adder, dipper, badger – not to mention all the other birds and animals – all in just one day AND getting some superb pictures (for me) of all of them.


A truly memorable weekend, with wonderful souvenirs to take away and remember it by - thank you ever so much!"


Andrew Davison, SW Scotland Safari, Spring 2016

"Thank you for another great Scotland safari with great company and plenty of wildlife. 


I can see an improvement in my photography since the autumn workshop and have loved seeing the variety of birds, animals and reptiles on this trip.


I'm really chuffed with my photos and have imposed my slide show onto family and friends lol!


Many thanks again for a fabulous weekend."



Sarah Guy, SW Scotland Safari, Spring 2016

"Firstly, let me say I spent a wonderful weekend of photography and camaraderie last weekend, it was truly memorable and I will do it again... 


You (Trai) and Peter gave me great tuition with some excellent tips giving me lots of inspiration, I can see you are both passionate and committed in what you do."

Colin Black, SW Scotland Safari, Spring 2016

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