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About - Enlightened Associates

At Enlightened we believe in producing the best possible product for every client. We know we can’t be the best at everything, so we work in creative partnerships with specialist crews and companies who we rate as outstanding in their field, and also as inspiring and lovely people to work with. 
We can call on a wide network of specialists, but these are the folks who are most likely to work with us on your project.

Ross Marshall corporate + documentary camera/edit


Ross brings a dynamic and contemporary style of HD shooting and editing to our corporate and commercial projects. He is incredibly versatile, lending a distinctive edge to tv adverts and corporate videos, BBC’s Olympics and Channel 4’s Paralympics promos and dynamic documentary work – check out his web gallery of recent project here


Chris Middis camera + post production


Chris is our go-to guy for all things post production. He polishes up our edits til everything's shiny and gorgeous - very handy when working with shiny and gorgeous clients such as Aston Martin!

Chris's other credits include independent feature films and award winning BBC programmes over a range of genres, from sporting heroes to documentaries about Dr Martin Luther King's time in Newcastle.  He's also very handy with a camera, and has some nifty ninja moves on screen!

Peter Haygarth photography tutor, tour leader + drone operator


Peter has been a wildlife photographer for over 30 years, and is currently also working in sports, capturing Premiership football action most weekends.  He served as a police firearms instructor, teaching camouflage, concealment and marksmanship, so he has a good eye all round!

Peter also has a certificate of education and taught photography to several specialist police units.  

He is an experienced drone pilot and drone camera operator and instructor, and is taking the lead on our corporate aerial work.

Alex Warnes original music scores + sound engineering


Alex is far too modest to tell you, but he’s won a European Grammy for production and sound engineering. He’s our resident musical genius, providing original scores and also sound engineering on complex and specialist projects. His music has been placed in programmes as diverse as American Idol and Scrapheap Challenge, in countless tv ads, and across broadcast networks thoughout the world including BBC1, ITV1, Sky1, Sky Sports, Channel 4, Channel 5, C-Beebies, Nat Geo, Discovery and Animal Planet

Studio Moo design + animation


Global success has been instant for this brilliant NE-based creative company. They animate some of the biggest brands on the planet – including i-phone, i-pad, Dell, RBS and Bet365 in games, ads, tv shows and in feature films – and are Enlightened’s first stop for all our animation needs. 

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