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UK Wildlife Photography Workshop with film making | otter | Trai Anfield

UK Wildlife Photography Safari 


The Familiar Re-Imagined



Join A UK Wildlife Photography Safari in 2024

UK Wildlife Photography Safari With Film Making Options


Our UK Wildlife Photography Safari is every bit as varied and exciting as that of any country in the world, though it is often more elusive and difficult to access.  So these extended 2 and 3-day UK Wildlife Photography Safari Workshops are designed to give you the rare opportunity of getting up close and personal with our most charismatic UK mammals and birds.   


Discover their beauty, quirks and distinctive behaviours while taking the time to craft some unique photographic insights. 

The knowledge and skills you gain in this workshop environment, along with the opportunity to spend so much time in the presence of these animals, will also give you the confidence and prepare you for your own photographic expeditions in the UK's wildest places.

More about our British Wildlife Photography Workshops

  • On UK group workshops we have a minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 photographers 

  • Trai leads each workshop personally, providing expert photography tuition and creative inspiration as well as boundless enthusiasm!

  • Our specialist wildlife photographic experiences take place in the heart of the British countryside, focussing on, and celebrating, a range of our most rare, iconic, charismatic and photographically rewarding native species.  

  • Fitness level required:  Mostly easy - shorts walks to the photography sites on mostly flat though sometimes slightly uneven and wet ground.  ​Any moderate fitness requirements are flagged in the individual tour details.

  • Tour leader:  Trai Anfield - award winning wildlife photographer, film maker, tutor, travel writer and broadcaster

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UK Wildlife Photography Safari Reviews

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Our Conservation, Climate & Communities Commitment In Action


Southwest England, Northumberland and Scotland have some of the wildest remaining areas of countryside in Britain, so are natural choices for our celebration of British wildlife.  

In line with our environmental commitment Trai will take no flights for these workshops, and we encourage you to join Trai in further supporting the local economy by staying in family-run rural guesthouse accomodation, and dining in small restaurants which make primary use of locally sourced products. 

Find out more about Trai's Conservation, Climate & Communities Commitment here

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About Trai

your UK wildlife photography safari tutor

“Trai - a gentle soul bursting with photographic talent and passion!"

Trai Tailor Made Tutor-WEB_2766.jpg

"Trai has been an absolute joy to have in camp as our Photographer in Residence over the last 4 years. 

She connects with clients in such a lovely manner, and is pure delight to go out on safari with.  The hours pass by in what feels like a matter of minutes and you come home with such a different collection of photos – photos that could be so common have been transformed into something unique. 

Trai is full of wonderful ideas on how to get the most out of your camera and out of your photography no matter how fancy/non-fancy your camera equipment is, and no matter what level you are as a photographer. 


She always takes time to listen and learn about you as a person before she offers up her ideas, and when she shares ideas, she does it in such an unobtrusive way – she makes you think about what you want to achieve with your photo. 

She teaches you to think differently and capture something exceptional.  And it is not just how and what she teaches you out in the field with your camera, it is also her way with helping you on the post production side of photography.  She is sensitive and never assuming.  

If you are lucky enough to have a chance to join Trai on safari don’t miss it.  I - and the guests at Serian who spend time with her - can’t recommend her highly enough.“

Testimonial from Roisin Allen 

Manager, Alex Walker’s Serian Camps, Kenya

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