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Africa's Big Five & Beyond

An invitation for you! I'm hosting an evening presentation on my journey into wildlife photography at Travel Bureau in Newcastle, and will be showcasing my new range of Enlightened Photography Safaris on the night too.

The safaris include Kenya's MIghty Mara & Migration and Gorillas & Golden Monkeys of Rwanda, and the Ultimate African Wildlife Experience which combines the two trips back-to-back and saves you a whopping £1350 on the list price!

I'm really looking forward to the presentation as it feels like the start of the safari season come early! This year will be my fifth time in the Mara for the migration and second time in Rwanda with the gorillas, and I really can't wait to introduce more people to these incredible wildlife and photography experiences.

It will be a very informal 'do' - just me talking about how I left the BBC and made the transition to natural history broadcasting and wildlife photography and film making. Of course I'll be showing some of the pictures I've been taking along the way, and I'll be talking about how an Enlightened Photography Safari differs from others out there, and giving a flavour of what it's actually like to join me out in Africa.

So if you're a photographer, a would-be photographer or a wildlife enthusiast do please book a place at The Big Five And Beyond - details below.

Hope to see you there!


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