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Going Wild With Liz Bonnin & The Wildlife Trusts

This week I had the pleasure of working for the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts, filming and photographing their new president, Liz Bonnin. I must admit I was nervous as it’s the first time I've done this type of work since the pandemic started, and also a bit daunted as Liz is used to working with the very best camera crews at the BBC Natural History Unit…so no pressure!

I needn’t have worried - Liz was fun, chatty and relaxed on and off camera, and the Wildlife Trusts couldn’t have a more passionate, grounded and engaging new President. We’re lucky to have her on board at such a crucial time for nature, and I’m confident she’ll inspire millions more people to embrace our mission for nature's recovery.

This was Liz's first official visit to a Trust and she clearly loved spending time with the staff and volunteers who are responsible for returning more and more of the UK to nature, as well as exploring the huge new re-wilding reserves that Northumberland Wildlife Trust has recently acquired.

And as a marine biologist the sea really brings Liz to life: she absolutely loved Northumberland's fabulous beaches, especially when sunshine broke through over East Chevington/Druridge Bay as we filmed an advert for National Marine Week.

As a Trustee of Northumberland Wildlife Trust, I'm really proud to be involved with this brilliant organisation, and wanted to do a great job for them. So to get a message from the Comms team saying “Liz Bonnin said the pics are brilliant and you were a pleasure to work with” - well that really made my day!

You’ll see the videos throughout the year, as each new Wildlife Trusts campaign is released, and the first pictures are due to be published in an article in the Telegraph this week.


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