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Ethical Photography Safaris: Travel Smarter & Contribute More

My safaris are always evolving, as I try to minimise any negative impacts that my - our! - travels have on the natural world we love so much, and to maximise the positive impacts we can have on wildlife, people and the environment wherever we go.

The aims are that my safaris will rate as Net Zero in terms of carbon emissions within the next couple of years. And alongside this push for a greener way of travelling I'm always looking to increase the conservation and community involvement of my safaris too.

So in a nutshell my mission is to travel smarter & contribute even more along the way, and I hope you'll share my vision!

It's a huge challenge, and a complex one, but worth it to ensure new standards in sustainable climate, conservation & community involvement wherever I travel...and wherever you travel with me :)

If you're interested in how I'm setting out to achieve these long-term aims, and how far I've got - one small step at a time - please follow this link to my Net Zero strategy page.

I hope you'll come along for the ride!


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