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A Warm Welcome To Peter

Once in a while you come across someone you feel you're just meant to work with - and happily it happened to me recently. I booked in to do my drone flight training course and walked into the office to see an enormous, gorgeous photobook of African wildlife on one of the desks...Peter Haygarth wasn't even in the office, but by the time I'd flicked through his stunningly gruesome pictures of wild dogs ripping apart prey while it was still on the hoof I knew I'd found a kindred spirit!

It turned out that Peter was to be my tutor for my UAV flight training and he got me through my assessment with flying colours. We didn't stop talking for days, found we'd been to loads of the same places and wanted to go to even more, and both have a love of teaching as we go.

So I'm delighted to welcome Peter on board as a tutor and tour leader on our Enlightened Photographic Workshops and Safaris.

Peter has been a wildlife photographer and videographer for over 30 years, and is currently also working in sports, capturing Premiership football action most weekends. So he will also lead our new individual and small group bespoke sport and action workshops, available on request.

Peter served as a police officer for 24 years and for 17 of these was a firearms instructor, teaching marksmanship skills and field craft, including camouflage and concealment. During his service as a police trainer he gained a certificate of education and taught photography to several specialist units.

He is an experienced drone and drone camera operator and instructor, and will be taking the lead on our aerial work. One of the highlights of Peter's drone flying career has been teaching Alex Walker of ‘Alex Walkers Serian’ safari camps to fly in Tanzania across the plains of the Serengeti.

Alex was so impressed he has invited us to teach at his camps in 2016 - so watch this space for brand new Tanzania workshops!

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