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Lion Cub Update - Fantastic News!

A quick but very happy update on the lion cubs in Mara North Conservancy.

Thanks everyone for your reaction and comments on the last blog and pics - it really is a harsh world out here, but I’m amazed and delighted to report that there is good news about the young lion cubs.

Their mother's strategy - of hiding them away and allowing the intruder males to mate with her - has worked. Incredibly, instead of killing the cubs, the males appear to have accepted them as part of their new pride, and we have seen the three little ones cuddling up and playing with their two new dads!

This is pretty unusual, and shows what a clever mum they have. Not the greatest pic below, as it was grabbed on the journey down from Mara North into the National Reserve, but hey, when the news is this good who cares about the quality - enjoy!

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