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Meet My Team!

I’m asked all the time whether I miss anything about my former job at the BBC.

I always say three things: a regular wage, IT support and being part of a team…sometimes it just gets lonely out here in Business-land.

But recently I realised that, although I‘m essentially a one woman business, the photographic safaris I design require a huge amount of people in order to run smoothly, even if I don’t ever meet most of them...they're my invisible team!

And the tours help to keep all those people in jobs: assistant tutors, agents, airlines, coaches, taxis, hotels and lodges and all their suppliers, guides and drivers, conservation organisation workers, souvenir cooperatives, restaurants, printers, galleries, postal services, my mentor, camera, lens and accessories manufacturers and retailers ...each and every one benefits just a little - and sometimes quite a lot! - as a result of my safaris.

Realising that my little web stretches far and wide made me feel less isolated and quite proud, plus a little more useful in the world.

So thank you to everyone who has booked one of my safaris - you make that all possible!

My little business web stretches far and wide

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