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Big Thanks On International Women's Day

Working in the field of wildlife photography safaris can still feel a lot like a boys club at times, so on International Women's Day I'd like to highlight just some of the brilliant women working in all aspects of conservation, climate change and communities in the destinations I travel to on my safaris. You make my job possible and also a pleasure!

Big thanks for your support and inspiration to Gladys Letuolo, Judy Koya, Roisin Allen, Suraj Meena, The Black Mambas, The Akashinga Rangers, Dr Kirsten Gilardi, Dr Irene Amoke, Tamara Britten, Rachel McClelland, Tree Sisters, Dr Crystal Mogensen, all the women who work in all the lodges we stay in, and of course all of my women photographer clients - all incredible women making a real difference. #InternationalWomensDay #Wildlifephotography #Conservation #Photography #photographysafari


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