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Image courtesy of Peter Haygarth and Droneflight

Forgive all the exclamations in the title, I'm excited!!! I've just passed my final Flight Assessment on our new DJI Inspire 1 drone, and the footage we're producing with it is just incredible. It's going to revolutionise Enlightened Media's client offer and literally add a whole new dimension to our shots. It's awesome in the good old fashioned sense of the word... jaw dropping in fact. I can't wait to get this bit of kit in action on all our corporate work. Chris Middis is going to be training up on the gimbal operation to capture pin sharp, silky smooth and gloriously dynamic 4k footage, while I'm responsible for flying the Inspire so he gets the best angles on everything. So the poor wee Phantom has been pensioned off, and we're well and truly Inspired!

For info: I did my RPAs Ground School & Flight Assessment with Resource Group, and my Flight Assessment Prep and Flight Training on the new DJI Inspire 1 with Droneflight in Richmond. Highly recommend them both.

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