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This Is What Makes Work Worthwhile

The reason I set up Enlightened Media is to do the work I love, and also support in some small way charities whose work I admire.

This month it’s been my huge privilege to help St Oswald’s Hospice celebrate 30 years of care in the north east. Enlightened Media has produced a suite of 3 films for St Oswald's, on a Not For Profit basis, to help them raise funds for their Children's Service at a celebratory ball and auction to be held this evening.

So if you're lucky enough to have a ticket to the ball please give generously!

The story of the hospice's set up is a fascinating one, and the growth in services over the last 30 years is phenomenal. I've been moved to see first hand the incredible work they do, from caring for terminally ill patients, to bereavement counselling for those who have lost a loved one, and providing respite care for children and young adults with life limiting illnesses.

The main thing that touched me at St Oswald's is the atmosphere of hope, brightness, fun and appreciation of life - far from focussing on loss and grief St Oswald's celebrates the joy and warmth of caring for each other, and that gives me enormous hope and reassurance for whatever the future may bring.

Please note that the support Enlightened Media offers St Oswald’s and other fantastic charities is only made possible by our corporate clients continuing to work with us, so that we can donate a proportion of our time, resources and profits to supporting brilliant organisations like this one.

Corporate clients we have worked with this month include Travel Bureau Destinations of Gosforth, Jesmond Dene House boutique hotel, St Mary's Inn Stannington and Durham University Business School. So thank you

to all of them on behalf of Enlightened Media and all the charities we support in this way.

The three films will be available to view from Monday on our YouTube channel

St Oswald's hospice at the heart of the community in Gosforth

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